About IDA

The Interior Designers of Alberta (Registered Interior Designers Institute of Alberta) was incorporated under a private act of the Alberta Legislature in 1960. Acting as a regulatory body, IDA's mandate is to regulate the interior design profession in Alberta for the betterment of the profession and in the best interests of the public. IDA sets standards for admission into membership, including education and experience standards, Practice Standards, professional development requirements as well as adherence to a Code of Ethics and Practice Standards.

Since the Interior Designers of Canada assumed responsibility for advocacy of the profession of Interior Design provincially, nationally and internationally, the role of the Interior Designers of Alberta has been focused on regulatory issues related to its members.

The IDA, through its representation of all classes of interior designers from students to retired members, and its connection to IDC, is actively involved in provincial, national and international affairs and discussions related to professional governance, liaisons, and reciprocity. Through this work the IDA is able to ensure that its members receive current information and are qualified by standards that reflect the profession at large. The IDA receives and is able to offer support from other interior design associations throughout North America and is thus able to offer continuity and currency to members. As the largest and most comprehensive interior design membership in the province, the IDA is recognized by other interior design associations as the voice of the profession within the Province of Alberta.

The IDA has protected title of the term “Registered Interior Designer” which ensures that the professional interior designer meets the standards set out by IDC. Link to titles declaration.

IDA counts more than 160 interior designers as members, representing all areas of specialty including corporate, residential, retail, hospitality, health care and institutional.